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REFF Organization
Coming Soon : New Coaching Service for Families

Learning Interventions Family Education (L.I.F.E.)

The L.I.F.E.  Coach  Program Mission:

Your Family Recovery Coach is committed to assist you in education as you learn about the recovery process, identify techniques to motivate setting goals, support you as you experience improved self-care, mentor you as you explore the various tools to increase your own personal empowerment creating a gateway for positive change in  your life.

Recovery Education For Family  Organization (REFF)

Our Mission:is dedicated to Family member or Caregiver  who

are concerned about a loved one experiencing addiction. REFF

Offers family based recovery education programs with the focus

on self-care, support and resources for caregivers through Family Recovery Support Program, Innovative Family Recovery Coaching Services.

According to estimates from the National Alliance for Care giving

76 million or 43% of Americans,in the U.S. adult population have

been exposed to or provided care to a member or are living with alcoholism in the family.

Our REFF Motto

"Don't Just Hope to Cope"

REFF meets and assists family member that have been affected by

a husband, wife, parent or child's diagnosis of addiction or a family

crisis related to a hospitalization, legal contact  or inability to find treatment for recovery from substance, or mental health issues.

Barbara Titone Founded and facilitates the REFF programs and services.

She is an experienced recovery educator, personal empowerment coach, community family program developer and has offered programs to St Hyacinths School, Faulkner School, and Wright College.

As a Trainer she has offered peer trainings and recovery education programs to DCFS staff, Our Lady of the Resurrection staff CME, facilitated Red Ribbon programming for St Eugene's school and the Park Ridge Boy Scout troop. Key note speaker to the Family Anonymous conference, annual Norridge Parent Conference and a member of the panel of the Norridge Town Hall meeting
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